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#1 2020-07-11 01:30:33

From: Exeter
Registered: 2016-03-24
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Duff MAF Sensor ?

I had a smoke problem. My mk1 HDI was kicking out a cloud of black diesel smoke under acceleration, more than was acceptable under social norms.
So I had my mechanic friend investigate and he says it was the new MAF sensor that I bought last year. It was £12.95 and apparently OEM compatible. It's now disconnected which has got rid of the smoke. Was causing the engine to run rich.
Should I fit a new MAF sensor, or is there an adjustment I can make somewhere to change the air/fuel mix? any thoughts appreciated.....


#2 2020-07-11 09:16:23

Registered: 2016-03-18
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Re: Duff MAF Sensor ?

Since diesel engines take all the air they can get, the ECU can calculate how much air is being inducted - until the EGR opens. So the MAF is actually used to fine tune the EGR opening. If it is missing the ECU will make a calculated guess.


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