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#51 2020-07-01 12:54:11

From: Derby, East Midlands, UK
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Re: FEB 2020 NEW BATCH AVAILABLE! Forum Bumper Stickers!

Tiree wrote:

I've sent you two - just in case big_smile

ahh well may as well live in the moment, eh? ha ha!

- JohnDragonMan
Notice: I have the tendency to void warranties, blow fuses, cause fires, and other fun stuff.
Words of wisdom: There's always user serviceable parts inside. Molten metal "hot". In my defence, i was left unsupervised. "Oh that shouldn't have happened".
My Crazy Mk2 2005 Dispatch Camper Project big_smile


#52 2020-07-12 21:07:34

From: East Lothian
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Re: FEB 2020 NEW BATCH AVAILABLE! Forum Bumper Stickers!

JohnDragonMan wrote:

yes, its really nice to be fair. if you guys have not guessed, i moderate in the Panda Classic section on FiatForum. i have to admit, in 2013 i was made a moderator and the only things i ever have to do is move the odd post about the more modern (2003 on) Panda models into the correct section. its a very pleasant forum, and just so happens to be about a car i have always wanted right from a kid (aim low never be disappointed, eh?)  big_smile
it is also a place that regularly goes off topic but you know, we just let it. once a question has been answered, why not.

ahh but look at me living up to the off topic ways.

i look forward to the sticker! it shall be worn with pride big_smile (on the van that is, i may be eccentric but not excessively eccentric.)

We had the classic panda. Taught the step kids to drive in it at 10 and 12. Farmer let us use his field after crops had been harvested. Cracking wee car till we killed it. On the fiat forum also. Not that i use it much but joined when i had the Stilo and now the wife has a yellow Seicento Sporting.
I also part admin on a LDV facebook page and like you if the OP has had the answer then the rest can chat about knitting if they want. Seems to work well and some nights we get a right laugh.


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