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#1 2020-07-28 17:24:50

Harry Haller
Registered: 2020-07-28
Posts: 1

Citroen Dispatch managed to lock me inside

Hi there,

I am quite new to the whole van thing, but took the plunge and bought an 08 Dispatch a few months ago, its been great, other than a few weeks ago the battery died. I managed to get a jump start kit from Halfords, managed to unlock the drivers door, closed the door and started to read the handbook. After a while, I decided to get out, but, no, the door would not open. I reached across to the passenger door, and same story, door would not open. It was quite a hot day, and after spending a few moments wondering what to do, I managed to bang on the window as an old man walked near by, and managed to get him to try the passenger door, but no luck, I then waved him over to the drivers side and thankfully, it managed to open.

The question I have is if I had not spotted the old man, what would have been my options?

many thanks


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