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#1 2020-08-01 22:12:18

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Airbag Light On *FIXED*

Hi All,

First post.
I bought a Wheelchair Accessible Vehicle (Dispatch 2005) with airbag light on, otherwise very tidy for what I paid.
I searched around for any advice and found a lot of threads with ideas, but nobody coming back with a definite fix.
This being a conversion, the handbrake was on the right of the driver (by the door), so the front door sill trim including seat-belt reel covers had to come out, both front seats too to get the carpet up and access the lump between the seats for the airbag control unit.
The carpet was sopping wet, and after removing the four plastic screws for the unit cover, I found it was in puddle of water.
50177820431_d6d03b0c09.jpg32ce086a-6d19-472f-8a44-62e7ea6cd1ac by graham, on Flickr
Removed unit, which although had worked twice for a second on power up was full of brown water.
50177820611_df350b3d84.jpgc1e8f06f-4537-4f5e-8e32-59c6f73343d1 by graham, on Flickr
50177820781_896f17d982.jpgd94f6e8d-56bf-4afa-8f72-18f6298d61c1 by graham, on Flickr

Opened unit and cleaned PCB with de-ionised water and a soft brush then dried with a hairdryer.
Unit reinstalled and now functions perfectly.
Dehumidifier now running full blast in the van before I reinstall the trim, carpet and seats. Easy fix, if not awkward and time consuming getting the parts off and out.
I hope this helps somebody in the future.

Along the way I found I could bypass the clock-spring by taking just the top steering column shroud off and using a resistor on the cable from there.
Belt reel squibs easily accessible too.
There were no sensors on seats or belt clips.


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#2 2020-08-11 11:34:17

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Re: Airbag Light On *FIXED*

Don't know why but I missed this post.

Thanks for posting Worms, the problem has cropped up before, I am sure your post will be useful.


#3 2020-08-11 13:03:03

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Re: Airbag Light On *FIXED*

I had Similar problem a few years ago .....

Not as severe or outward ill effects (as far as I remember)...Discovered by accident (Dried recess out with paper towels)

That moisture had got into where airbag ECU module lives in floor through wet feet or scrubbing dirty Carpet........
(Mine exacerbated by having a single seat and a dirty carpet .. I presume)

Sounds as though you may have a leak (From which could be a multitude of places) when washing or it's raining

Isn't a great place to put a Ecu (Because French) anyway

I dispare they've now got their hands on Vauxhall (GM Europe)

Although I must admit I once had a 1992 Range Rover Vouge SE (LPG converted) and it had a couple ECU's under the front Seats !!


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