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#1 2020-08-10 17:35:09

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Citroen dispatch

Hi everyone,

  I was just wondering if someone would be able to help me I have 2007 Citroen dispatch 1.6hdi. I had to have the injectors replaced last year and ever since then it’s been leaking oil and pooling around the injectors. I took it to another garage and they said the injector people hadn’t put new seals on and that the inlet manifold seals needed replacing aswell. So after having all that done it’s still leaking and pooling oil. Any help or advice would be much appreciated.


#2 2020-08-11 02:46:58

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Re: Citroen dispatch

If the diagnosis were correct it must surely be that the work wasn't properly done?

What did the garage say?


#3 2020-08-11 14:19:49

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Re: Citroen dispatch

I'm Sorry to say and It's just my opinion "The 1.6HDI is not their best effort"
IIRC it was a joint development with Ford along with the 1.4 2.2 etc
It seams to have got put into everything in it's era(Fords, BMW Minis, PSA  vehicles Obvuously ETC).....

I know a couple Taxi boys who've experienced them........... Niether reconing easy to keep running worth/profitably much past 150,000 . though not impossable
But the 407 was nothing like the old 405 or 406

Being human Me included.... Folk are Lasy and or shirk at cost and look to save a quid.......

Rule of thumb and Word also unless full dealer stamped history steer clear at anything near 90,000 (That came from peugeot mechanic ... Take it whichever way you wish)

Word is they run hot for a Diesel and they can if not using the specific oil gum/sludge up within 50,000mils........
This not helped by longer sercice intervals and to make matters worse the oil pickup strainer is fairly close to base of Sump which if it sludgey.....

Like all HDI's , CDTI's....... Common rail Diesels and as Mercedes Benz has become famous for "The Black Death" Where the injectors 2 bob (10p) washer/seal fails for whatever reason .....
It still runs normal but you hear a chuffing noise... (so ignore) "Let it develop" and next thing you find (told at service time) plastic engine covers melted or all out of shape and underneath is all this Carbon/Soot that was escaping like Hot Lava and now solidified around injector............

If your really lucky on digging out injector it free's off, If not you'll ruin the head as well during injector's extraction and the rest is history (Black Death)

I'd assume a large part of your 4 injectors was down to "Diagnostic time" and matching them in to system

Sorry to say any engine can suffer from neglect or Boddgery  ....
"Some more susceptible than others"

After My Foray into 307 HDI ownership hence why Iv'e stuck with 306's and DW8's......... (Not that I haven't had or partial to something more Powerful/Fruity these days I'm Skint/Financially challenged somewhat)...........


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