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#1 2020-08-15 11:47:57

From: Glasgow Living:~ SW. Scotland
Registered: 2015-08-31
Posts: 970

senile or deaf..... Both possibly

As many of you have seen my Partner is having more Chemotherapy (3rd time) and we're all  more on edge than ever before


It appears and I'm sure I'm not alone or unique in this as I've had it before (Maybe it is me then)
when you have the debate and then the claim's announced

"You Never listen to a word I Say!"
So this is how I find out on Teusday when going for INR Bloods and Stupidly ask " When's CT then?"

Apparently the CT scan happened last week and bloods happen on Teusday ...Chemo on Thursday.....

But the CT results never arrived on monday :~ but if all's at least heading in right direction We'll have report on Thursdays Chemo for you when you come in....... "WRONG"
"It's now this Monday"

So we take solice in that things and we still are to a point if there's no urgency to make report available and she's been allowed in for more Chemo....
Things are at least working enough to satisfy the powers that be not least the bean counters as this treatment is far from cheap........

At least that's our feeling

This is where things sound like Single Fish to me......... I understand that with Covid it's more dangerous than prior so I'm no longer allowed in oncology and that the Staff administering treatment are not only at risk them self But Probibly pose the greatest risk to the patients ...... Hence keep me out  for the sake of other patients........

We're now told Covid is responsible for having No results after 10days with such a disease and how they responded after 3 weeks to get first CT results which was inter-hospital efficiency again you've guessed it "Covid" as it was done in Glasgow as a matter of urgencey in midish March right when Covid was Hitting  ...... back  then it  had made a return............

I don't deny the threat Covid brings (Why have we isolated "shielded" for 4.. nearly 5 months).....
All I can think it takes up so much resources and the NHS as a whole is so inflexible with the changes in lockdown........

Or in their caution is that they know something we don't

I was astounded that during lockdown that the hospital doors were shut and locked and you needed to prove an appointment to gain entry.............
This decision was taken because and this is what astounded me..........

"That people with no need or reason to visit hospital were entering building to visit cafe for coffee and or food and have a day out"...........

I find it Scary that our/my safety is reliant on someone else's Common sense

We are now being told that (admitedly.. allegedly) more so else where apparently some have had their chemo stopped or delayed and this has resulted in it being to late for them...........

Don't get me wrong........ I applaud and vehemently support our NHS and staff for the work they managed to do even in "normal" times with limted resources, red tape and funds.........

Anyway :~Vented and going off on a tangent..........

As my partner is feeling up to it we have decided to again go visit her cousin who still lives in the village where we met she was born into and I resided in 40 yrs ago
Stay out in the van (Driveway most likely)  and try for Fish N chips on route...........

That was a long way for a short cut


#2 2020-08-15 19:23:02

Registered: 2019-11-19
Posts: 16

Re: senile or deaf..... Both possibly

Hey there Vaz
I don’t post much on forums generally but do enjoy reading all your posts. Hope everything goes all right for you both and enjoy that trip in the van!


#3 2020-08-20 16:59:44

From: Glasgow Living:~ SW. Scotland
Registered: 2015-08-31
Posts: 970

Re: senile or deaf..... Both possibly

we managed even to get to sit in for our Fish N chips (Never thought: Saturday was busy Doon the Water)........... 
On Saturday when we went for our visit to my partners cousin we went Via a Favorite Fish N chip shop that we both like in Ayr and
We usualy park down Shore front to have our ice cream or fish N chips ..........
As we had option and after a 20 min wait we got into the Cafe sit down part for eat's (So glad now We did)
After food we still had a run along shore front as it takes us towards the coast road we want and the amount of car's and campers there left me flabbergasted
Shore front is easily a mile long and it was vitualy solid with cars and about 15 or more campers/Motorhomes (this at probibly 6pm) along the whole way (glad I wasn't stopping to eat)
We ran down the coast to her cousins had a pleasant evening (Girls gibbered for hours) ..........
After we had (3 of us) a run out initially to Girvan harbour (didn't get to see them but we have a couple friends who live down near there) But harbour car park was chocka with Motorhomes/Campers.....
So we went to the Tea stall car park at other end and just outside of town and made a cuppa watching Sunset before heading back to cousins place
Next day did route pretty much as we had about a month before back home Via Stranraer stopping on route for a cuppa ..............
Leaving not long after lunch going this way we got home about 1600hrs

Lucky at first more spaces but started to fill quite quickly when having made cuppa

A familiar marker for us out in the Firth of Clyde  (paddy's Mile stone)

Ailsa  Craig (Where your curling stones came from or in our case Paddy's Mile Stone {Both Girls fathers were skippers in fishing industry})

Stopped at top of Gatehouse-of fleet for Cuppa (Passing on route close to where most of the Scenes of the wickerman was filmmed 1973)


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