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#1 2020-09-07 11:59:10

From: Bacup, Lancashire
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Dispatch with many seats, and many questions

Bear with me, odd few questions coming and I'll probably babble on so get comfy, maybe even make a brew  big_smile

Ok, the background of my query.... I currently own a Citroen synergie xud. I bought the car primarily as a car. I wanted a people carrier with the xud engine, and thus this is what I have. At the start of this year, I started up a transport business part time which has built into my full time job now, happy days. The car was what I started it with, firstly towing caravans / trailers about, built up to buy a mid sized car transporter trailer (striking a balance between being able to fit most cars on, and light enough to not limit my payload) and went on from there, now I have a recovery truck that does 95% of my work. BUT I still do some towing work because why not. I've got the insurances in place etc, so the more the merrier. However, the car has always been working on the basis of a grey area / loophole in that it doesn't need a tacho because the gross train weight doesn't exceed 3500kg. Now in the case of the dispatch van, that's true, it's plated to 3500kg gross. Oddly, the car version is actually plated slightly higher (3680kg I think or something around there) but the law goes on about the displayed weight. So I literally have one of those metal ribbon indenter things, made one that says 3500kg and stuck it on my weight plate over the gross train weight, thus displaying 3500kg..... Therefore no requirement of a tacho.

The other thing that stopped me going to the dispatch was that apparently they weigh 1700kg ish empty, whereas the synergie has a kerb weight of 1580kg. Take all the seats out and suddenly the car is weirdly more capable of towing than the van version by around 200kg (from a legal standpoint). Although the manufacturer recommendation for the synergie is a measly 1300kg, I don't know what they stated for the synergie. But that's essentially irrelevant as there's no official legal limit, it could only have insurance implications in the event of an incident of that weight is exceeded. So we'll mainly ignore that for now (and yes I know this to be true, I've been pulled for suspected excessive weight on the trailer and they couldn't do me for anything because unfortunately for plod, I know the law and how to push my limits).

Anyway, now that my business is more established, I want to move into something else. I mainly use the car as...... A car..... So I still want the flexibility. I also still want the xud engine. But I want to turn up looking a bit more professional than Joey pikey in a car to move someone's caravan. The dispatch with seats (as I call it) would be a perfect balance between everything. But I want to know it solves other issues too so I'm looking to probe owners for some answers to questions I have please.

This only applies to the van with seats version, such as pictured below. I can get numbers about the van from my brother.... Because be has one  smile


Firstly, what is shown on the weight plate (under the bonnet near the washer bottle filler) for the maximum train weight? (Not gross vehicle weight)

Secondly, has anyone had one on a weighbridge? What weight did it come back as, noting how full your fuel tank was if possible as that can make around 70kg difference.

Thirdly, how easy is it to get the back seats out on demand to make it between car / van mode, and is there a way to make synergie seats fit to make it easier?

Can I please ask this doesn't become a discussion on tachographs / o licences. I've been an hgv driver for 11 or so years, I have a good understanding of the law and would prefer not to get into that here. Just let it be noted I've every intention of running my business completely legally, even if I use some "unconventional" methods.

Thanks  cool

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#2 2020-09-08 12:56:02

From: Glasgow Living:~ SW. Scotland
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Re: Dispatch with many seats, and many questions

Having Had a class one (C+E) licence since 1979 and been a "Owner operator" I'm Understanding in your question of Train weight ETC...........
The fact that my Van started life as a van .........Negates your questions some what........

The Van doesn't seem to have the said Tag under bonnet near washer filler, But I do have a tag on front drivers wing {O/S} that's now Illegable {With occasional polish but mostly I used some thinners to remove some overspray and have lost most data} But it did appear at one time to have weights on it.......
Not wholy sure if this was a commercial vehicle trait/requirement

Never put it on a weigh bridge although keep meaning to as I think we could be surprised {took me forever to get a height with roof box on}

I thought as passenger vehicles based on a Van the seats were removeable in same manner (806 synergee ulysse) to give dual purpose........

I've managed to answer a Whole lot of Nothing

Although not your requirement :~ Maybe have a look in some E7 Taxi versions

{Nothing in Haulage is unconventional it's all about saving money and time/maximising payload ....Economy of efficiency}


#3 2020-09-09 16:37:09

From: Northern Ireland
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Re: Dispatch with many seats, and many questions

DSC01613.jpegDSC01614_20200909-1626.jpegThis may be of some help.DSC01612_20200909-1627.jpeg
Combi 5-6-7-8-9 is the amount of seats.
The combi's have the highest kerb weight,around the same as a Synergie.More seats,trim ect makes more weight.


#4 2020-09-09 17:39:42

From: Anywhere the van takes me
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Re: Dispatch with many seats, and many questions

Ah, good thinking with looking in the handbook! Mine's an older model so has the 1.9TD XUD ratings too:


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