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#1 2020-11-15 16:47:59

Registered: 2020-10-13
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Water pump.

After some advice please. Intending to get my timing belt done shortly. 80,000 miles.
Would it be false economy to leave the water pump alone, or get it changed at this mileage.
The belt was done at 40,000 but not the pump, so unsure whether to chance it or not.
Also another matter. A few years ago, the clock on my 2000, 1.9 diesel Dispatch, went crazy, the hand was flying round. When I took it for a service, asked the garage if they could disable it. I had tried fuses and all sorts of things with no success.
When I got it back, the clock was stopped, but the mileometer was also gone.
Not an MOT item apparently, but have asked them a couple of times what they had done and they can’t seem to remember.
The back light is there, but no display, have shone a torch into it and nothing.
Have had the panel out and no obvious wires cut. Really like to have the mileometer to calculate fuel etc.
Any ideas what they may have done, that would disable both the clock and the mileometer.


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