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#1 2020-11-19 17:23:43

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Blower doesn't work on screen

The heartening my van, whilst blowing away happily, doesn't seem to come out of the vents required to blow on the screen! Any ideas?

Any help appreciated!

It's my first van and I think it's great


#2 2020-11-20 02:05:55

From: Borders/Dales
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Re: Blower doesn't work on screen

It's could be the trunking to the vents have dropped off. 

Or the flaps that redirect the air are not opening.  Can you feel resistance at the control when you move the slider?  If not, the cable might have disconnected from the back of the lever.


#3 2020-11-20 03:15:55

From: Derby, East Midlands, UK
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Re: Blower doesn't work on screen

yeah ill also go with the cable jumping off. or maybe whats happened is the slider inside has jumped its teeth as it runs on a gear.
you have 2 options.. well 3 i guess.

1, the most lazy..  undo the 2 longish screws one each side of the plastic "centre console/kick plate" in the foot wells, remove said kick plate thing, then manually move the upper flap lever directly on the air blower distribution and heater matrix box on the drivers side kinda under the gear stick. can be a pain to get the screw holes lined up on the refit but they will with a little moving around. (if you watch the cables as you move the sliders it will be the one that does not move when you move the slider)

2, replace the slider unit but this does take quite a bit of dash dismantling

3, repair you old slider unit but again you need to take the dash apart and also the slider unit apart which can be a bit of a pain.

i type from experance... i retrofitted air conditioning to my van. i had to remove the whole dash to do that so i know what needs to be done.

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