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#1 2021-01-24 23:36:18

From: East Lothian
Registered: 2015-12-20
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OK i have never been south of Oban/East of Loch Lomond area. At some point this year i will be heading south from Oban on the A816 to Lochgilphead is then up the A83.

Few of you have done the area many a time. I will be looking for somewhere nice for the night. Somewhere with nice views. Local pub/Hotel what sells food. Not fussy about campsite or pub car park style areas. This will be two vans so no sneaking behind a bush with the Dispatch.

What you got?


#2 2021-01-25 15:00:10

From: Glasgow Living:~ SW. Scotland
Registered: 2015-08-31
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Re: Camping

The road out of Oban to lochgilphead is very twisty and lacks  decent camping opportunities but I guess like us it's down to how hard you look and what time of day.....
I does have a few interesting features to stop and have a look at......
It's over a year ago now but my partner and I grabbed a few days up that way ........ … php?id=791

At lochgilphead from Oban and turning left towards arochar (A83) will lead you eventually after Ivararray (Careful where you park is worth a stop and a wander) to the Rest and Be thankful (Also is worth a stop at top for a cuppa and view) where they have been working for years it seems to repair dangers of constant landslip issues............
Apart from long term roadwork traffic system the road has been closed there for quite a bit {Old road alternative closed also IIRC} make sure it's open before heading that far........
last time I was stopped there with van .............At view point

{Many moons ago} A top rest & be thankful ......Parked at view point

Personally never used it and can't really remember the name I think it's the Slanj an old chuch kinda food etc poular with over nighters etc..........
Theres a half decent chip shop in Arocher but no parking to speak of, A lousey Campsite I used one time whe touring with bike behind perol station but never again and on the wee road behind the Arrochar hotel that leads eventually to Rhu and Helensburgh A cafe next to a community hall & libraray with car park or something like that

{Many moons ago when first got van} Stopped in Arochar

Around Loch Lomand and the Trossachs is classed as a reserve now I think it's called and is designated camping only but It's still possible to find a "off road lay-by" to park up just not in the usual or popular/beauty-spots...........

I tend to use an app or gut feeling of a campspot when roaming the West coast
(If we discover somewhere thought doable/suitable,   But either is uncomfy for whatever reason try again.............

(Something also tells me with LTD travel and Summer, A lockdown easing it could be Nuts busy ... depending)


#3 2021-01-25 22:13:35

From: East Lothian
Registered: 2015-12-20
Posts: 1,786

Re: Camping

Aye Search For Sites App is quite good for wild and pub stop overs. I also seen a forestry commission stopover. OK its a fiver in season but for peace and safety it may be wort it. There is also a Caravan park down at Lochgilphead but as we just came from Oban there will be plenty time to detours to see things. Other van will be an English couple who have never been north of Edinburgh or Glasgow.  If lockdown restrictions are lifted later in the year then its all up in the air as it will be two weeks round the highlands

You are right Vaz i think it will be mobbed also no mater where you go. Here in North Berwick we have two areas they get mentioned on the wild camping sites and they got mobbed fast between lockdowns. One is fine but the other is a car park for Berwick Law what pisses of the natives and visitors to the Law.

Last i looked the Rest and be thankful road is still getting worked on and probably well behind with the weather we have been having. Ill do that at a later date. I knew about Loch Lomond and TBH i dont blame them for implementing restrictions/charges as the kids and some campers were taking the pash. I think its six quid for a permit to stop over what TBH is nothing. I know i could be home in a couple of hours from there but that kind of defeats the purpose of having the bus.


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