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#1 2021-01-25 01:01:16

From: East Lothian
Registered: 2015-12-20
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Rust treating the underside

Any good and is it quite thin? … 7380&dev=c

Reason i ask is on my Convoy i have lots of holes in my chassis rails. Floor and mounts dont matter as much but chassis is looking Hmmmm



#2 2021-01-25 12:45:42

From: Glasgow Living:~ SW. Scotland
Registered: 2015-08-31
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Re: Rust treating the underside

Internal cavity is something I've tended to miss on in past and have either just used at that time......
Either the wax oil black or body Shutz the wax oil should be thin enough to spray apply from a body shutz can/gun.........
Ive had a tendency at time to thin it down with a little more oil..............

I found wax oil to be a little to weak at protecting under wheel arches as it washes off fairly quick..........
High abrasion areas especially the clear! hence use of body shutz around there ..........

{All of this can become a fire hazzard/issue if welding that in that area for whatever reason is required}..........

As I no longer have the access to a largeish air compressor and have tended to favour/use an old (modified) electric spray gun with varying results IMHO .................
However I was contemplating {justifying} a compressor ........
A 14.00 CFM with 100L tank  a portable one and to try mixing up a home made Brew of Groil..............

I've tended of late to mix a batch up of a litre or so of Bar and chain oil (for chain saws) and thin it out with some diesel............
And use it as I go along .....
(IMHO old engine oil I've used appears to give best result ...All this is a messy job especially old engine oil).........

But although I modified the needle spray hole to around 1 mm it tends to be still be blotchy in spray pattern {And I tend to end up applying to much in one area} and pickups in wrong area (IMHO) and internal cavity spraying is an issue...........

[I am looking at ...To Justify compressor spend for some other jobs also]
Hence compressor thoughts and a body shutz gun with all round spray extension probe.........

I think it's worth doing ..........
Especially after it appears my sills and kenbw2's issues had suffered quite a bit of internal corrosion


#3 2021-01-25 19:23:27

From: Derby, East Midlands, UK
Registered: 2020-06-02
Posts: 159

Re: Rust treating the underside

we have done a lot of work on our iveco daily..  we used mostly Bilt Hamber products including the under body spray on stuff like shultz. however befiore that we wire brushed by angle grinder and by had the chassis first, primed and painted it before.

all cavities was treated with Dynax S50.

with my Dispatch i wire brushed everything back to clean shiny metal, used a brush on rust treating paint (hammerite) then when that was dry i used a brush on underseal (Tetroseal)
all cavities including both inner and outer sill panels was treated with Dynax S50

to see how good Dynax works, i recommend reading the following pdf: … 13-001.pdf

pretty insane...

hope this helps

needless to say, this van will never rust again.

- JohnDragonMan
Notice: I have the tendency to void warranties, blow fuses, cause fires, and other fun stuff.
Words of wisdom: Internally rust proof the sills! both skins!!. There's always user serviceable parts inside. "Oh that shouldn't have happened".
My Crazy Mk2 2005 Dispatch Camper Project big_smile


#4 2021-01-25 22:27:14

From: East Lothian
Registered: 2015-12-20
Posts: 1,786

Re: Rust treating the underside

That Dynax S50 in the large spray looks like it may be the one for inside the chassis rails. I presume the spray comes with a straw. I did buy tins of red oxide spray for in there but TBH i dont think its that great for treating rust.

My rear arches VAZ will never rot. The under side of floor, or top of arch is wood but its that thick strong stuff they make flight cases out off. Rubber mud flaps keep the area quite clean. I could get a couple of plastic arches from a twin wheel flatbed to screw in but that is way down the to do list. Fronts are still steel but i gave them a clean when i did a bit welding and once done i gave a coating of sikaflex as i had quite a lot left over then painted with black stone chip paint. Looks almost professional big_smile

The outside of my chassis rails will be getting rubbed down and i have 10 tins of spray stone chip to cover them with. I just dont want the rails to rust inside out.


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