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#1 2021-01-13 10:44:14

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cold starting issues desperate

hi all , getting worried as van is for my work.     Had issues starting up in these cold mornings.     firstly battery ok, new    Put key in  Turns over but  does not rev / crank up to start up.    it sounds the longer you leave key turned on it sounds like its draining the battery.   it will start up after a good few try,s.         Once it is running and  left to rev for a while   it is ok.      you can turn it off and start it up again with no problem 

Been mentioned the Glow Plugs may be main reason.     Some garages will not do this replacement job.     too awkward for them .    any ideas  if not glow plugs.    one garage said to get to them  will be a job in itself to test them.


#2 2021-01-14 11:45:18

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Re: cold starting issues desperate

Check your battery voltage in the morning - it should be above 12.4V, and not drop below 9.5V when cranking. I know it's a new battery however the ECU may need to be told that it has been replaced to carry out optimum charging.
If it is the glow plugs then cycling the pre-heat a few times before starting may give an indication.


#3 2021-02-11 16:45:05

From: Congleton, Cheshire
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Re: cold starting issues desperate

I recently had a severe starting issue with my 2009 1.6HDI, it had been sat for a few weeks when this happened. I went out to start it and it kicked in only to cut out after a few seconds. Then it wouldn't start at all, it would turn over ok but seemed like not getting any fuel.

So tried a few things: new fuel pump solenoid was first unfortunately that didn't solve it, as the same time replaced the fuel filter. Still nothing.

Next step was either a new fuel pump or the engine compartment fuse board. Went for the fuse board, brand new for the stealer! as it was the cheaper of the two options. Turns out it was the fuse board causing the issue, as soon as the new one fitted it started 1st time.

Think the best thing for you to do is get it hooked up to a full diagnostic machine and then take it from there. I did with mine but it was suggesting a solenoid, just didn't tell me whether it was the one on the pump or in the fuse unit in the engine bay.

LEt us know how you get on.


#4 2021-02-11 20:55:45

From: Borders/Dales
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Re: cold starting issues desperate

I had a right job finding a garage to do my glow plugs. 

I got the impression that their biggest worry was breaking them in the head.   With one garage I told them to do it whatever the risk but when I picked it up they had only managed two!

I eventually found a diesel specialist in Keighley who had no problems and did a good job.


#5 2021-02-12 02:07:05

From: Anywhere the van takes me
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Re: cold starting issues desperate

OAT wrote:

I eventually found a diesel specialist in Keighley who had no problems and did a good job.

+1. I need to book in with them for MOT actually

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