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#1 2021-04-06 00:53:41

From: Scotland
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Mk4 Golf 1.9 PD130....

So, my daily is normally my trusty MK4 golf, I bought it in January 2018 with a suspected blowing head for £300, 169k on clock, 1 owner to 165k, full VW service history... anyway lots has happened between then and now, I did 60k on the orignal engine but with the map I was running oroginal turbo eventually popped.. engine (05 fabia VRS), subframe, turbo rebuild etc etc, if there is interest I can post more? I don't want to spam if no interest lol. It's still an ingong project, much like the Dispatch, I know it intimately so want to keep it on the road, damn thing is almost new in so many aspects (the golf Lol)...I will probably do the same for the dispatch, given how many are not left on the road lol.



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