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#1 2021-04-07 11:06:35

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'98 Dispatch Fuel Injection Pump Issue

Hey all

My (98 diesel) Dispatch was grumbling on starting a few times. Nothing major and was fine once it got running. Stalled twice 2 whilst driving 2 weeks ago but started fine. Engine cut out whilst driving last week but again started fine. Few days ago went to start it and it's turned over, grumbled repeatedly but will not fire up for love nor money.

Had a mobile mechanic out who reckons fuel injection pump gone and it's a write-off. He was under the hood for 10 minutes but didn't do too much. My regular mechanic is unavailable until next week but on the phone was incredulous that mobile guy suggested it was a £2k fix. My guy suspects maybe stop solenoid.

Pump is Lucas pump. Mobile guy reckons beyond repair. My guy asked me to do some research then get it towed to him next week so he can have a tinker.

Anyone got any experience of this and managed pull it back from the grave??


#2 2021-04-07 13:16:49

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Re: '98 Dispatch Fuel Injection Pump Issue

Definitely sounds like when my fuel pump died - it would sometimes run, mostly fail to start, sometimes cut out while driving. You could confirm it by cracking an injector and seeing if fuel comes out.

I wouldn't call it a write-off at all, nowhere near £2k. I got a new pump from a scrapper for £150ish. Just needs swapping out. Find a garage that can do that and don't forget to have them drill out the immobiliser.

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#3 2021-04-08 00:01:26

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Re: '98 Dispatch Fuel Injection Pump Issue

I'll go with kenbw2 ............
It's not manifesting in the same manner of stop solenoid problems I've had.................

But stranger things have happened at sea ....................


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