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#1 2021-05-06 00:05:13

From: Scotland
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Not really a conversion but I have the essentials lol..

I originally kitted this van out as a temporary camper in 2019 I think, it's not been anywhere much since lockdown and was used to move engines and haul crap between garage units lol, so.... I've got this far, diesel heater is back in with a new tank as last one leaked, new carpet, just bodged a halfords solar panel on to the roof, but now not sure how to run the wiring for it, Van has 3 batteries, the leisure, main engine and a massive battery I got to try fix my vito... which is dead, so the battery has never been used, this is now my spare starter battery, if the samsung LED's which are my main internal lights drain the main battery one night (Unlikely but you never know lol), then I have this healthy battery to fall back on.

The Halfords panel is not fantastic but I want the choice of say, all 3 batteries trickle charging or just 1 depending on what switch is on..... turns out i only have LED switches.... and I don;t want to spend any more money on this van....need to make do with what I have, decisions LOL, maybe the LED draw on these will make the trickle charge pointless, I'm not sure to be honest, I'll try the solar panel jumpered to the switch tomorrow, see what the output is with the led lit on the switches.


It's still a WIP, need to hide wiring etc but other than that, it's basic functional, no cupboards etc etc... I can still use it to move stuff or take stuff to the tip lol.

Will add some more pics as time goes on, if any interest. smile

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#2 2021-05-06 13:47:58

From: Anywhere the van takes me
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Re: Not really a conversion but I have the essentials lol..

Looking good. I like that it's carpeted, I always feel like that makes it more homely

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