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#1 2021-05-25 19:59:05

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MK1 Citreon Dispatch windows

Hi guys,

I recently bought a Citreon dispatch mk1 (2001) to convert into a camper, her name is Stevie ☺️ I’ve been looking around everywhere for windows for the dual side loading doors with no luck. I contacted vanwindowsdirect (as suggested on another post) but they said they didnt have any for my model of van.
I have also tried looking for e7 (taxi) windows but cant really find anything.
Any help on where to find windows would be great!


#2 2021-05-26 00:11:38

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Re: MK1 Citreon Dispatch windows

On my first Dispatch I went to a scrapyard and got replacement doors. The windowed doors are actually slightly different.

On this one because it's not white I got the doors cut and glass inserted by a company in Halifax

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#3 2021-05-26 16:45:37

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Re: MK1 Citreon Dispatch windows

Might be worth talking to these people.  South coast but even if not nearby may be able to point you towards suppliers.  If you can find the windows, almost any van workshop should be able to fit them or DIY is not difficult. … OSwsvVd85H-

You should also consider what type.  Opening ones are obviously desirable.  Then there are the frameless "stick on" type which may be easiest to fit but would need to match to the curve of our doors.

If you only wanted small look out windows, some of those narrow slot types made for caravans can be fitted.  If narrow enough the gentle curvature of the doors can be accommodated by the frame and gasket.

A small caravan window in this van.  Looks a bit like a pill box but suits Bret's usage. … mpervanMan

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