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#1 Re: General Discussion » FEB 2020 NEW BATCH AVAILABLE! Forum Bumper Stickers! » 2020-07-01 09:53:54

JohnDragonMan wrote:

(on the van that is, i may be eccentric but not excessively eccentric.)

I've sent you two - just in case big_smile

#2 Re: General Discussion » FEB 2020 NEW BATCH AVAILABLE! Forum Bumper Stickers! » 2020-06-30 11:09:29

JohnDragonMan wrote:

Thank you!i have to admit, this is one of the more pleasant vehicle forums i have joined over the years big_smile

Thanks John - we started off in Sept 2013 and I can honestly say I haven't had to moderate a single post.

Forums can be remarkably hostile places - especially in their treatment of "noobs" - and many of them, for my liking, have far too many rules.

We've definitely got a friendly bunch here - and yeah we go off topic! But it's meant to be a conversation, not a reference library.

Long may it continue!

Will get that sticker in the post to you today or tomorrow smile

#3 Re: General Discussion » FEB 2020 NEW BATCH AVAILABLE! Forum Bumper Stickers! » 2020-06-29 20:02:38

JohnDragonMan wrote:

i would not mind a sticker if possible guys? got a feeling that this van and me will be together for a while, and thats pretty fine by me!
im just looking forward to when i can join the first meetup!

Absolutely John! Been really enjoying your extraordinary journey so far!

Sling me over your postal details to and I'll get a sticker or two over to you!

Cheers and welcome!

#4 Re: Camper Conversions » Dispatch Expert, Scudo Hub Meetup? » 2020-06-27 13:29:10

OAT wrote:

Sorry to report that the Michaelmass bluegrass festival has officially been cancelled.

Ah well spotted OAT - thanks for sharing.

A shame indeed - but something to look forward to for next year.

Maybe the May Folk Festival will happen too.

#5 Re: Camper Conversions » Dispatch Expert, Scudo Hub Meetup? » 2020-05-28 16:45:32

GRIFFIN wrote:

Hi all, I was so looking forward to going back in May and now it's almost June cry
I just hope it's on again in September. I for one will be there and I think I know another 2 or 3 that may be there too.
I'm sure my awnings will have dried out by then big_smile

Aah Griff .. too right .. shame the May Folk Festival came a cropper but fingers crossed for the Bluegrasss again in September. Such a great weekend.

This year's provisional dates: 25th-27th September.

#6 Re: General Discussion » New Alloys from a 407 » 2020-05-14 15:55:59


I've only ever had the steel rims on mine so I'm afraid I can't help on that front - someone will be along soon with some ideas no doubt!

As for pics - below where you're typing your post you should see a link called Uploads.

You can upload pics there then click on Insert [to add the full size photo] or Insert Thumbnail [for a wee version]

Shout if any problems  wink

#7 Re: General Discussion » My trusty old scudo » 2020-05-08 10:48:44

16vdady wrote:

My pictures keep disappearing!!

Hmm .. not sure why that would be. I can see there's only the one in your folder now. Let me know if this keeps happening.

And welcome! ... Your van looks brilliant!

#8 Re: General Discussion » FEB 2020 NEW BATCH AVAILABLE! Forum Bumper Stickers! » 2020-04-28 11:35:10

Hah! All good! I think you mentioned you lost yours so I added you to the last batch.

Still got a bundle here folks ....

Details to:

#10 Re: General Discussion » Post-Lockdown Freedom Trips » 2020-04-14 21:25:08

OAT wrote:

Hasn't entered my head.  It's impossible to have much of a clue as to what the transition to whatever the new "normality" might look like.

I hope you didn't feel I was making light of the situation OAT - I'm lucky to be where I am but I'm far from immune to what's going on on both a personal level and with respect to those around me.

Like you, I have reservations about the way the government is approaching it and I don't for a moment think we'll all just be given a green light and told to go about our business anytime soon.

I just miss my trips away and look forward to doing it again.

Hope you stay safe and get more of what you enjoy - under better circumstances.

#11 Re: General Discussion » Post-Lockdown Freedom Trips » 2020-04-14 19:49:42

Casper wrote:

White Christmas.

Aye to be fair just a night down the pub would be good right now!

#12 Re: General Discussion » FEB 2020 NEW BATCH AVAILABLE! Forum Bumper Stickers! » 2020-04-14 09:56:06

Apologies to those waiting for stickers! Finally got round to filling envelopes today - should get them posted today or tomorrow so everyone should have them this week.


If you're still waiting after then - or anyone else who'd like a sticker:

Details to:

#13 General Discussion » Post-Lockdown Freedom Trips » 2020-04-14 09:31:30

Replies: 15

Hey folks,

I hope everyone's doing OK and staying safe & well.

Don't know about you but I keep finding myself thinking of getting on the move again.

Just wondered where you're all dreaming of!

I posted this plan in another thread at the tail end of last summer but haven't had a chance to put it into action yet - so this where I see myself heading when appropriate:

- Galloway to Ardrossan
- Ardrossan --> ferry to Brodick, Arran
- Tour Arran [night in Lamlash]
- Lochranza --> ferry to Claonaig on Kintyre
- Up through Kintyre [night in Tarbert or Tayvallich]
- Round Loch Fyne and down Cowal Peninsula
- Colintraive --> ferry to Rhubodach, Bute
- Tour Bute [night in Rothesay]
- Rothesay --> ferry to Wemyss Bay & home to Galloway

Subject to change  tongue

Nothing too crazy but packs a good amount into three nights I reckon

#14 Re: General Discussion » Getting the jack out » 2020-04-14 09:17:43

Casper wrote:

I never knew it sat under the seat.

This is all news to me too! 7 years down the line!

Mine has always sat in the metal basket under the passenger seats.


#15 Re: General Discussion » 2002 expert diagnostic » 2020-04-14 09:12:38

Hey Martin,

OBD2 adapters fit my 2006 20.HDi fine - my cheapo one looks like this:


Not sure if the 1.9D is different but assumed it was a standard thing tbh.

#16 Re: General Discussion » Extra six month MOT » 2020-03-25 17:59:04

Good news - one less thing to worry about!

#17 Re: General Discussion » A form of isolation » 2020-03-20 21:34:04

I'm lucky to live pretty much in the middle of nowhere in the hills - but I'm still planning to escape into the Galloway Forest Park or elsewhere now and then in the van.

I'd avoid long trips but as long as there is no fuel shortage I don't see that isolating in the van is in any way worse than isolating at home.

If anything it is a gift of variety that many would be thankful for.

#18 Re: Maintenance » CAMBELT CHANGE » 2020-03-16 15:13:13

dRoyd wrote:

Bent valves and head re-skimmed isn’t cheap

Yep that's where I ended up - and of course the engines need to come out of these vans [at least the HDI does] - think I paid just over £700 for the work which I reckon was pretty decent - but I was without the van for three months!

#19 Re: Maintenance » CAMBELT CHANGE » 2020-03-13 15:41:26

This is a subject that is beginning to come back into focus for me.

Given that my last cambelt change was brought about by the previous one exploding taking various parts of my engine with it - and the fact that that was now 60k miles ago - I think I need to seriously start thinking about it again.

£300 to me sounds like money well spent for the peace of mind.

#20 Re: General Discussion » FEB 2020 NEW BATCH AVAILABLE! Forum Bumper Stickers! » 2020-03-13 12:17:16

lincolnexpert wrote:

Hi Tiree, i'd love a forum sticker or two. Can send SAE

Fab - just fire me over your address mate and I'll get a couple in the post to you.

Details to:

I've got a few more to send out - sorry for the wait folks - I keep forgetting to buy stamps!

#21 Re: General Discussion » FEB 2020 NEW BATCH AVAILABLE! Forum Bumper Stickers! » 2020-03-06 23:45:53

vaz2121 wrote:

Excuse my cheek But.. Is this a new updated style sticker?

Hmm .. naw same old tat! .... what u after Vaz?

Casper wrote:

You are after a Maroon one aren't you big_smile Any Blue ones Tiree big_smile  big_smile

We can do blue!

Seriously .. open to suggestions ..

#22 Re: General Discussion » FEB 2020 NEW BATCH AVAILABLE! Forum Bumper Stickers! » 2020-02-26 12:37:40

Alrighty folks - I've just ordered a new batch of these!

As before, they are free of charge and delivered to your door  smile

If anyone fancies one ..

Details to:


#24 Re: General Discussion » Virgin post-oil rev-solution » 2020-02-18 18:22:41

2.0 JTD is the same engine as the 2.0 HDI - as Kenbw2 said, think they're already Bosch [mine is] but less suited to SVO

#25 Re: General Discussion » Virgin post-oil rev-solution » 2020-02-17 16:59:25

OAT wrote:

My own van is a 98 TD

Oops sorry OAT - forgot yours was a TD too!

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