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#1 2021-06-07 09:27:23

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Diesel Knock / Air in fuel

I have an Expert 1.9 non turbo on a 54 plate

It sounds like a tank, chugs along as though its only firing on 3 cylinders.

Ran out of fuel one day so primed the fuel system with the manual pump and if I do this and loosen the fuel supply from filter to pump nut

Start the engine and give it a couple of revs then the van drives perfectly for say 100 miles before the diesel knock starts again.

Any ideas where to check next to see where the air is getting in.

I have taken the van to a couple of garages and they say that it's the injectors that need changing?  Could it just be an injector seal?fuel-system.jpg


#2 2021-06-07 21:01:30

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Re: Diesel Knock / Air in fuel

Check the fuel filter housing lid ..... It can on occasion be a real Bi**h to seal with the rubber sealing ring and the top securing clamp  being finicky.....


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