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#1 2019-05-04 12:08:55

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What info should be available using OBD2 Scanner?


I have the dispatch DW8 1.9 non turbo. I'm trying to read live data using my scanner to help track down an odd fault, but there is clearly some missing data! I know it is a simple engine, but was hoping to extract a little more out of the ECU brain

Info i can retrieve

*Throttle Position
*timing advance - requested
*Timing advance - actual
*Cooling fan - on/off
*glow plugs - on/off
and a few others things

There are some glaringly obvious things i cannot read

*MAF sensor
*Needle lift sensor etc

it would suggest my scanner cannot access, so maybe i need to use another scanner? 

my scanner is the Autel DS808        (
, so not a Micky mouse type one.

Just wondering what data others have been able to access?           




#2 2019-05-05 16:59:22

From: Borders/Dales
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Re: What info should be available using OBD2 Scanner?

Sorry James... Analogue Luddite here.


Should be someone more use along though.

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#3 2019-05-12 19:03:17

steve the grease
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Re: What info should be available using OBD2 Scanner?

Herein lies  the problem. OBD/EOBD is a protocol agreed originally in the USA , previous to this every manufacturer used a different plug and different software to access the engines running data.  Cue the yanks . " Right if you want to sell cars here , it has to comply with this standard spec OBD "  Never slow to miss on a good idea Europe rapidly followed  suit hence the OBD and EOBD.   However there is still lots of info not covered by the protocol which you need  manufacturer specific software to access. Lexia etc.  I have a virus laden cracked copy of Lexia . My mate is in a garage with multi vehicle diagnostic machine , a bargain at £3.5k plus £100 a month  for upgrades. Which explains why garages charge a lot for diagnostics.

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