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#1 2019-09-18 11:48:22

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My Blue Scudo hit the self destruct button :(

Just a few weeks ago, I was doing about 65mph on my way from Durham to Lincolnshire and got as far as Leeming Bar on the A1M. All of a sudden there was a bang and a clanking noise accompanied by voluminous clouds of grey smoke as my engine oil hit the hot exhaust (rather like a formula 1 car expiring but slower, much slower). At first I thought I must have run over something that had come up and smashed the sump, as there was a hole big enough to fit your head.

They had to close off the inside lane while they cleaned up the oil and I waited for the recovery truck to arrive.

After I was recovered home by the AA and had it checked out by a mechanic friend of mine, I was informed that the crankshaft had broken. After a good deal of deliberation I decided to replace it and subsequently got myself a Citroen Dispatch as a replacement.

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#2 2019-09-18 17:16:08

From: Galloway
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Re: My Blue Scudo hit the self destruct button :(

Ooh man that sounds scary.

Sorry to hear of the demise of the blue Scudo.

Welcome to the Dispatch club though! Got a pic?

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#3 2019-10-09 23:12:49

From: Scotland
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Re: My Blue Scudo hit the self destruct button :(

Wow, sorry to hear this bud... did a driveshaft let go or something? sounds quite catastrophic?!


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