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#1 2021-01-16 14:26:45

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Anti freeze??

Hi, what colour anti freeze should I be using in my 2.0hdi?

2004 Citroen Dispatch 2.0 Hdi


#2 2021-01-16 17:27:08

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Re: Anti freeze??

I used red in mine, but I've also been given blue. These were for the 1.9s, but I imagine it makes no difference as long as you don't mix them

I'll let someone who knows what they're talking about weigh in though

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#3 2021-01-16 21:39:18

From: Derby, East Midlands, UK
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Re: Anti freeze??

colour means nothing when it comes to anti-freeze in modern times. you need to go on the chemistry/ingredients used. our vans (XUD, DW8, DW10) use a coolant called "OAT" (Organic Acid Technology). i have seen this available in mostly red, however i have seen it clear, blue, and green!

a thing that is not well known about coolants is that pretty much any engine will take any coolant. the issues only occur when coolants of different kinds are mixed. so flushing old coolant out if you are not sure what your engine had previously is an absolute must. very old vehicles may use rubber hoses that are only suitable with certain kinds of coolants.
OAT coolant sometimes gets referred to as "LLC" which means/stands for long life coolant, as it has a use life of 5 years. though it is often never changed for many years with some vehicles. the only issue with old coolant is the corrosion inhibitor breaks down and you end up with a coolant that helps rust up the engine rather than helps keep it clean. back in the day this was a long life coolant however there's other types of coolant that is capable of lasting 10 years now days often claiming to "last the life of the car".

myself, i always try to go for colourless coolant because if you get a head gasket fail or a cylinder head crack you can see it before seeing it anywhere else, helps catching a fault before it becomes a big money to repair fault.

hope this helps!

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#4 2021-01-16 23:08:40

From: East Lothian
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Re: Anti freeze??

Mine came with red (OAT) what is nice as the Convoy has a 2.4 Transit Duratorq in it what must only be red OAT for some reason so i can just buy bulk and never run out


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