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#1 2021-04-05 22:39:42

From: Scotland
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How often for temp sender faults?

The whole while I've had my dispatch the temp gauge has never went past 70 driving, but if I let it idle it will get up to half way...anyway its been about a year since I changed the senor in the expansion tank and the one down near the fuel filter, tonight I found when out for a run that the gauge decided to run all the way up to maximum heat and I was given the stop sign on the dash... as soon as I turned the heater up the gauge dropped, but then continued to fluctuate from cold to fully hot all the way home.

On getting home I find its runnning the cooling fan (I'd only done 7 miles) Radiator not hot to the touch, top hose warm, bottom house cold-ish (Always been like that even with a new thermostat), pop top off coolant bottle and the level looks OK - Could this be the sender at the diesel pump and/or the level indicator in the bottle/expansion tank? I'd have had expected to get more than a year and 3k miles out them, hence my asking.


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