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#1 General Discussion » Gear change problem » 2019-10-09 20:51:21

Replies: 2

Latest puzzle to be solved is gearing.

1st, 3rd, 5th easy as normal.  2nd, 4th & R are seriously hard.

Need help to solve as im stuck.

#4 Re: General Discussion » smokey engine, fault diagnosis » 2019-07-07 21:22:01

kenbw2 wrote:

How quickly are you going through oil?

Not quick, check regular and maybe once every month with not a lot of oil

#5 General Discussion » smokey engine, fault diagnosis » 2019-07-07 21:09:15

Replies: 5

Today I was driving behind my 2003 1.9d Scudo and noticed that there was a bit blue smoke coming out exhaust constantly, not a lot.

Asked daughter if she had noticed this and she said its always done that. Just wondering if there are anythings I can try to sort myself before getting the pros in?

Anyone any ideas??

#6 Re: General Discussion » Insurance time again! » 2019-07-07 21:06:23

Mmm got mine for 165 from co-op, 9 years ncd, fully comp.  Went on topcashback and will get 55 back and just had 50 of co-op vouchers

#7 General Discussion » Lighter broken, replacement needed » 2018-12-27 12:18:35

Replies: 6

Was hoping to use for power but it’s given up the ghost.

Will any other fit or does it need to be specific?

#8 Re: General Discussion » Oil & water temp warning light » 2018-10-13 19:39:46

Pic was taken when engine was cold so coolant gauge is correct.

Oil pump - how to test without taking sump off??  When engine is up to temp oil level on dipstick is not as high so I assume that this means pump is working.

#9 General Discussion » Oil & water temp warning light » 2018-10-11 21:13:51

Replies: 4

For the past 2 days oil warning light, STOP and a red light to the right of temp gauge has been on.  I have checked oil level with dipstick and coolant level - both are fine (yes I have checked on level ground).  Both have been checked with engine cold and running temp.

Anyone know how to solve??


#10 Maintenance » Scudo washer pump motor » 2018-08-01 10:45:58

Replies: 0

Screen washers not working, plenty fluid in bottle, checked fuses and they all seem ok.

Query is where is pump?  Assume beneath bottle and behind wheel arch cover

#11 Re: General Discussion » Heater problem » 2017-11-08 10:45:30

It's easy, disconnect big round multiplug to give better access, disconect multiplug from motor, remove 3 toed screws ( the one at back is a pain to get to) remove motor, take out another 3 ford screws holding regulator, disconnect 2 spade connectors and refit in reverse?

#12 Re: General Discussion » Heater problem » 2017-10-15 13:57:55

OAT wrote:
shuggs wrote:
OAT wrote:

Yes well done shuggs.

Where did you get the resistor from?  Used or new?

New from eBay same as link above, took motor out to check which one I had, not bad for £20ish?

Love this place for all the help

Cheers.  Must get mine done.

Go for iy even I did it in under 1 hour cool

#13 Re: General Discussion » Heater problem » 2017-10-14 06:23:16

OAT wrote:

Yes well done shuggs.

Where did you get the resistor from?  Used or new?

New from eBay same as link above, took motor out to check which one I had, not bad for £20ish?

Love this place for all the help

#14 Re: General Discussion » Heater problem » 2017-10-11 18:39:35

Fitted new resistor today and is working perfect cheers.

Not a bad job to do with a wee bit fidllying about cool

#15 Re: General Discussion » Heater problem » 2017-10-08 15:16:49

Anchor1979 wrote:

Possibly the heater resistor faulty??

Where is the resistor??

#16 General Discussion » Heater problem » 2017-10-05 20:42:50

Replies: 27

For the past week heater has been playing up.  First it was nonexistent, then on constant full blast, then back to nothing.

Anybody any ideas???

#17 Re: General Discussion » Sub frame bolts removal » 2016-12-22 11:11:51

Thought about cordless grinder but no power tools allowed?

Spoke to upullit to see if they had someone that could cut them off but supposedly he's off for Xmas - really????

Don't want to give up on this as my sub frame is fecked and this one is I n great condition

#18 General Discussion » Sub frame bolts removal » 2016-12-21 20:11:53

Replies: 17

Trying to get sub frame off at breakers but am stuck with last 3 bolts either side to rear of frame (torx head type), can loosen them a bit but it seems like some sort of captive nuts. 

Don't want to give up as it's in vgood condition.

#19 Re: Maintenance » Leaking windscreen??? » 2016-04-18 20:24:26

Just put the rubber back down, was still in good condition so once it had dried out happy days

#20 Re: Maintenance » Leaking windscreen??? » 2016-04-18 20:12:12

Casper wrote:

BTW how is your heater or coolant water? Any chance your matrix or a hose has a leak?

No looks all good.  Just had floor out for past 3 days drying out, what a pig of a job it is but all good now cool

#21 Re: Maintenance » Leaking windscreen??? » 2016-04-15 20:09:24

Casper wrote:

You should move east along the coast mate. Every time i look over the Firth  its bloody sunny heading towards Kikcaldy. Not that you want to live in there  big_smile

Eh no thanks, spent 6 months working just along coast from there and it is a different (scary) world.

Put some silicon round top corner of window, seeing as how I had a tube I took ariel off (was dry underneath) and gave underneath a clean then refitted with some silicon.  Still had a slight leak so looked at two drain holes underneath covers and there was some water sitting there so forced some tubing with small baby bottle cleaning brush down it and all seems good now as there was a lot of crap in this tube (didnt have a clue where it went at first but helps using bright orange tubing wink ).  Have got a sink plunger/ blaster thing that I need to get a bit hose for (a few mm bigger than garden hose) then I will give these a good clean.

Weather is meant to be dry Sunday so flooring will be coming out to dry off.

Cheers to all

#22 Re: Maintenance » Leaking windscreen??? » 2016-04-08 19:56:57

Casper wrote:

Get aq big hammer and hit that back down  big_smile

Silicon. Fill it up if you are sure its not coming through the ariel. You can get proper windscreen seal from Halfords but its almost the same shit. The Factory seal is under the glass so unless a crap replacement had been dont i am not convinced.

Had look at ariel and it is dry.

Went to car parts store and got a small tube of clear RTV sealant.  Have put this on corner where i think problem is and as forecast is for wet tonight will check in the morning and fingers crossed all is good.

If so roll on sunday and I will have seats and flooring out to dry.

#23 Re: Maintenance » Leaking windscreen??? » 2016-04-07 17:55:00


Had van in car park and when looking at it with a mate it looks as if the passenger side top corner has lifted slightly

Not sure if it will be possible to see from pics but maybe from right hand corner and 50mm along rubber is different from driver side

#24 Re: Maintenance » Leaking windscreen??? » 2016-04-07 17:50:51

First the 2 'drain hoses', have checked and both of these are clear


There are 3 of these 'covers' and they lead somewhere but dont know where, could this be the problem?

#25 Re: Maintenance » Leaking windscreen??? » 2016-04-07 08:39:40

Had a quick look for vents but not sure where, more than one so am stuck, have found one either side that go into tubes, also found three at windscreen wipers but not sure where these go.

Will try and get pics later

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