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#1 Re: General Discussion » Speakers » 2020-10-31 11:33:50

Casper wrote:

Cheers for that AB_70. Try taking the door card off and sticking something like flash banding on the inside of the door skin. Its what i use to stop panels vibrating/drumming. … ar+banding

Ah thanks for the tip Casper. I’ve actually got some left over dead mats, I’ll use those up!  Cheers

#2 Re: Maintenance » Finally Got round to Gear cable Change » 2020-10-26 23:44:04

Great post Vaz. Can’t believe even getting the right cables bus a tricky job yikes

Need to bite the bullet now and get the job done!

#3 Re: Maintenance » Gear cable change? » 2020-10-26 23:38:46

Casper wrote:

I wrote ‘hear’ cable too!!

I’ve not even had a drink!

Cheers pal, I’ll have a read  smile

#4 Re: General Discussion » Speakers » 2020-10-26 22:40:50

Hiya Casper

Just swapped mine over for something with a bit more bass. Only thing is there’s too much door and it vibrates the crap out of my doors. I can’t even work out what’s vibrating!!

Anyway, as long as I keep the volume at a reasonable, age appropriate level, mine seem to be doing a great job. … SwFPda9veJ

And they were cheap!

#5 Maintenance » Gear cable change? » 2020-10-26 22:34:21

Replies: 2

I’m looking at changing the linkage cables on my 2004 dispatch. Not something I’ve done on a vehicle before.

There does seem to be play, and I’m hoping this is what’s causing 5th gear to pop out when I take my foot off the gas.

Had a look on the weekend, but even with the air filter box out, I can’t quite get my hands in there!

I’m guessing I need to pull a decent amount of dash out in the cabin.

Has anyone done this change? Any help appreciated. Cheers !!

#6 Re: Camper Conversions » Lockdown Project » 2020-10-05 11:40:24

dRoyd wrote:
AB_70 wrote:

Cheers dRoyd! By 'low level, I was meaning no cooking or cabinets, no liesure battery etc.  But yep, I 'm happy with the results  big_smile

What are you planning?

I’ve spent a little time making a couple of awning rails on either side which I’ve yet to use. Damned lockdown was when I had my holiday weeks booked! I managed to get a couple of front swivel seats off eBay. They make quite a difference as far as room in the back goes. Also made ‘blinds’ for the windows of which I have far too many. That’s about it really. Not much left of this year. Hoping to get much more use out of the van next year (fingers crossed)!

Ah, there's two things I'd change next time! I didn't add windows, but I wish I did.  Sitting up in Scottland with amazing views, but not being able to see them wasn't the best! 

And the swivel seats would certainly improve the observed size of the van.  That would give you a bit more scope in terms of setout.  cool

#7 Re: Camper Conversions » Lockdown Project » 2020-10-05 11:37:56

tee_cee wrote:

Well done, looks really good. Goes to show that simple does not have to be a lash up.

Yep, exactly!  big_smile

#8 Re: Camper Conversions » Lockdown Project » 2020-10-03 11:58:30

JohnDragonMan wrote:

i had the same plans pre-lockdown. heh i just spent all of the time fixing all the faults and making the van perfect!

now i am back at work i do not really get the time to do things on the van gahh!

Haha, furlough was great for that.  Once thing I will say, it took waaaaayyy longer than I would have thought.  Pre-start I thought I'd have it done in a few days, not so!

#9 Re: Camper Conversions » Lockdown Project » 2020-10-03 11:06:02

Cheers dRoyd! By 'low level, I was meaning no cooking or cabinets, no liesure battery etc.  But yep, I 'm happy with the results  big_smile

What are you planning?

#10 Camper Conversions » Lockdown Project » 2020-10-02 16:23:03

Replies: 8

Hi folks, just before lockdown I bought my 2004 Dispatch 1.9 hd to throw the mountain bikes in.  Then, being furloughed, I had a bit of time on my hands and thought I'd see what I could do as a low level conversion.  Nothing hardcore, just something we could overnight in, or even take to festivals.  Here's the story:

Initially I was just going to have two benches, with a gap in the centre.  Then I realised we'd be better served with a side door being utilised, so I went with that setout:



Next task was to make up the frames for the benches, used 38x38mm softwood for that, then clad with 18mm MDF.  Next time I'll drop that back to 12mm MDF, the 18mm is overkill.  We'd worked out what we'd need to take on a typical trip, and this would give us enough storage.



After getting them in I thought they were a smidge big, so out they all came, and I cut them down to give a bit more footwell. 

The van had been a plasterer's van, so needed a deep clean.  That took some time! But at least it was fully ply lined.  Took all the panels off to be carpeted, so next task was to stick on some dead mats.  The dead mats were money well spent, the improvement is instantly noticable. 


I also ran wiring for USB chargers to both sides, reading lights over the back doors, downllights to the roof, a voltmeter, 12v outlet and some super bright LED lights (just in case)  Had to cut a bit of the steel away in places, but nothing too drastic.




For flooring, I installed two layers of 3mm foam underlay, then one layer of 5mm fibre underlay over the ply floor, then laid laminate.  Probably would use vinyl next time.  I had a leak on a recent trip and had to lift the lot!


Next stage was the insulation.  I decided to use two layers of foil backed sound deadening underlay.  It was really nice to work with, and appears to have worked well.  There's two layers under the ply floor, although I'd expect that's been reduced to a couple on mm!! At this stage I carpeted any of the white steel body that would be visible once the ply had been reinstated.


As a quick aside, I installed some leather, electric seats from an XF Jaguar, new gerknob and boot, and a new blue tooth streo and a reverse camera.  I  used the existing seat frames, but cut down, then bolted / welded unistrut for the new support.  The wiring was pretty simple, just two live feeds to each seat.


For switch back plates I used some thin ply, and carpeted. 


The storage / seat boxes got a covering with smoke carpet, wish I'd gone for anthracite here.  It marks easily!


I wanted to carpet the roof, so needed a single panel.  For this I made a template from cardboard, then marked and cut a sheet of 6mm ply.  Tricky one, but worked out well.


Covered that in anthracite to have a break from all the light grey.


I had a bit of anthracite carpet left over, so I pulled out the front headliner and give it a birthday treat.  Gave me the opportunity to fix some dead mats on the roof too.



I rescued some 18mm ply from a skip and used it for the table, here it is after the first coat of stain


Getting all the electrics in was fun, it's always nice when these things work!


Next was time to make the cushions, which I wasn't exactly looking foward to! My step daughter had just finished Uni, so I took a bread knife to the matress! Below is a first fit picture.  I thought it was too high, so I cut them all down.


For the covers I just bought some fabric off eBay.  I'm no upholsterer, so I cut ply 20mm smaller than the foam, then wrapped like a birthday present. Plenty of staples later, and that's what you see.


The table support was 25 quid on eBay, and does the job nicely.  I used some pine dowell for a curtain pole, and some £7 curtains from ebay. Put it all together and it looks like this (note wife input with soft furnishings! big_smile )


The extra cushions you need for the bed make the seat cusions stick out, but you don't notice when you're sitting on there.  Since finishing, the better half and I have toured the north of Scotland, Northumberland, and had a long weekend in the Peak District.  The seat boxes have ample room for all our dry food, drinks, clothes, bedding, gas bottle, camping kit etc. all that worked really well.  Owing me a meagre £1500 for purchase and conversion, I'd say it's paid for itself already! Happy Days!  big_smile  big_smile  big_smile


#11 Re: General Discussion » Best £6.50 I've spent for quite a while. » 2020-09-29 09:30:47

woodbine wrote:
unter wrote:

Are you paid to endorse those pliers?
are you the seller?
why do you want your oil filtered?

Thanks for your questions, Munter.

I don't want my oil filtered any more. That's why I was taking the filter off.

Come on, keep up!

I didn't want my oil filtered, but it all ran out.  What did you do to stop this happening Woodbine?  wink

#12 Re: General Discussion » Does Your Van Have Locks On Rear Doors? » 2020-09-28 16:49:06

Hi Woodbine - yep mine does.  They're exactly like the front door handles / locks  cool

#13 Re: General Discussion » New Van... now for some questions! » 2020-08-19 11:56:16

Grifter wrote:

Hi everyone, new member here, so please be nice! Lol

I’m just buying a new (to me) Peugeot expert. It’s the 2.0HDI LWB version 2005. Spec is good, electric windows, central locking, electric mirrors, air con, parking sensors (currently not working!) cruise control and 6 seats

It’s a LHD as I live in Spain.

My plan is to use it as a work vehicle, but also to do a removable camper van conversion on it over the next year or so.

So, a few questions!

1. It’s the 2.0Hdi, but how do you tell if it’s the 8v or 16v versión?
2. There’s a huge amount of free play in the gear stick, it engages all fwd and reverse gears fine, just feels extremely loose.. I’m thinking bushes? I’ve seen that you can buy a pair of replacement gear linkage cables, is that what I would need to do? Anyone fitted them before, and have access to a guide for swapping them?
3. Although it’s got good history, I always do a service on a car when I get it, so I’ll be doing an oil change, air filter, oil filter and fuel filter change. Any advice? Issues or is it straight forward? Any recommendations on oil? (190k kilometres)I’ll also do a coolant flush and swap.
4. Is it worth doing a gear box oil change too? If so, any recommendations on oil spec and brand?

I want to get the old girl in good nick and keep her for a long time, so happy to spend a few pennies now, and get some preventative maintenance work done, so any suggestions of problem areas would also be appreciated

Sorry for the huge first post!

Hi Grifter, and welcome!

I've just finished a removable camper conversion on my 2004 Dispatch.  Nothing hardcore, but we've just managed a few nights in the Scottish Highlands and we were very comfortable.  I will get around to doing a blog on here very soon, hope it helps!

I'm having an issue with 5th popping out, so between us we maybe able to figure out the answer there.


#14 General Discussion » 5th gear popping out » 2020-08-18 20:23:00

Replies: 0

Hi all

Wonder if anyone else has had this? My 2004 Dispatch drives like new (well, close to  tongue ) but 5th loves to pop out.

Not fully in to neutral, but just out of gear. Also, only happens when coasting, never with any acceleration at all.  Even a little pressure on the stick prevents it.

I’ve been living with it for a while, but we’re  not long back form the Scottish Highlands where the many hills were making her pop out every two minutes!

Any thoughts??

#15 Re: General Discussion » Close Shave - Almost! » 2020-08-18 20:17:19

woodbine wrote:

Was thinking about a time when I had a front spring go on my Scudo approx 4 years ago. Parked the van on drive when I returned from work - no problems and all normal.

Next morning, started van, but it wouldn't move and steering locked. Found out the spring had broken and slid down the strut. It had jammed itself against the inside wall of tyre. Luckily it hadn't damaged anything like brake pipes or wires for low pad warning.

Often wondered what would have happened if the spring had let go when I was doing 70 in the fast lane. Anyone ever had any failures like this that meant a close call - or worse?

Not in my Dispatch Woodbine, but had exactly that in a BMW 3 Series M Sport. Went to drive it in the morning, to the tune of metal on metal. Found a bit of spring next to where I parked it! Very luck happened wile asleep, think trousers would have been stained doing 70 down the M60  big_smile  big_smile

#16 Re: Maintenance » EGR VALVE FIX » 2020-07-06 22:30:02

What a great thread!

My 2004 Dispatch was puffing plumes of smoke and chugging at low revs. A few blokes hoses later there’s no smoke in site and a notable improvement in the drive!

Thanks!!  big_smile  big_smile

#17 Re: General Discussion » Repair Options For Sill Rust » 2020-07-06 22:23:18

Ah great thread here!

The chap I bought my Dispatch off welded plates in the sills get it over the MOT line. To say it’s not a pretty job would be a massive understatement, it’s horrendous!!

I’ve been toying with a few ideas, from trying to smooth over with filler, to a total sill replacement. I hadn’t actually thought about buying sills and chopping to suit. I like that idea, makes sense. Most of the steel is in good shape, it’s just a few hundred mm front end. 


#18 Re: General Discussion » New Head unit » 2020-07-01 15:29:17

I think it looks great like that anchor!

How’s the progress on the camper conversion?  smile

#19 Re: General Discussion » Seats in! » 2020-07-01 09:21:21

dRoyd wrote:

Those seats look great now they’re both in! Might look at a stereo as well as the original in mine rarely plays cds.

Thanks dRoyd, they’re comfy too I can tell you!

I did play CDs to be fair, but everything is on Spotify these days, and the Bluetooth in the 30 quid stereo is great!

Only thing I can’t figure out is why the steering wheel controls don’t work any more. It’s black/orange to black/orange so should work, hmmm.

#20 Re: General Discussion » Speeding » 2020-06-30 23:35:33

lincolnexpert wrote:

Hi AB,  daft isn't it. The Government must make a fortune out of Van drivers. So many people drive Vans as a personal choice and not for trades these days. Should be classed differently if it's just for personal use I reckon.
Glad It's been of some use smile   here's link if you want a sticker instead of printing it out … SwXitb69AG

Cheers Lincoln, much appreciated.

And you’re so right. I bought my Dispatch to throw the mountain bikes in, not for trade use at all.

We can lobby our local MPs, but I doubt it would do any good!  smile

#21 Re: General Discussion » Knob Fallen Off! » 2020-06-30 23:29:49

woodbine wrote:

Thanks for your reply, AB_70. Problem is, I think our vans are slightly different. Mine's a 2004 2.0 Jtd. I'm guessing yours is maybe a 1.9 or poss of a different year.

My reverse gear is hard to the left then forward - yours is right and backwards. But the biggest problem may be the little ring under the knob that I have to lift to allow it to go over, into reverse. I don't see this on yours - so thinking your model doesn't have this. There's very little of the metal shaft sticking out when the knob is removed to get a new knob on, and I think a non standard knob will stop the ring moving. (Jeez did I just say that - oooh Matron!!!   smile    )

Thanks for the info, but I don't think it's going to be so easy.

Ahhh! And also, haha haha!

You’re correct, my knob doesn’t have a ring to lift, you just need a firm grip smile

Hope you find a solution !

#22 Re: General Discussion » Knob Fallen Off! » 2020-06-29 23:41:02

Hi Woodbine

I’ve just recently swapped the boot (mine was very tatty) and the knob too. I went for the universal option from eBay.

It came with three inner sleeves, one fit nicely, and tightens with three small grub screws. What you don’t get is the neat factory fit between boot and knob. That doesn’t bother me and I’m happy with my £16 investment for the two (the knob was a tenner)

I’ll drop a pic below  smile


Hope that helps  smile

#23 Re: General Discussion » Better steering wheel???? » 2020-06-29 12:34:08

kenbw2 wrote:

Weirdly the Synergie/806 ones have a slightly smaller one (it's what you do with it!) that looks nicer

Haha  big_smile even more weirdly Ken, that looks exactly like the one I have, down to the steering wheel controls. Not that they’ve worked since I swapped the stereo over!

#24 General Discussion » Better steering wheel???? » 2020-06-28 17:36:20

Replies: 2

Hi folks

Has anyone swapped their steering wheel for something a bit more sexy? Thinking leather, and a bit more girth.......

Any tips appreciated  smile

#25 Re: General Discussion » Smoking on the motorway » 2020-06-28 17:34:16

I’ve got the 1.9 non turbo

Only on Friday did I finally get around to doing anything. Took Casper’s advice and looked at the EGR.

Step one to to follow a previous thread and block the inlets to the solenoid.  Five minutes later took her for a run and couldn’t believe the difference! No smoke at all and non of the annoying kangaroo hopping at low revs!

Happy days smile

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