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#2 Re: General Discussion » Post-Lockdown Freedom Trips » 2020-04-14 21:13:42

If we survive Coronavirus, my wife and I are planning to drive up to Scotland in Brenda. Quite a trip from Devon...I used to do it regularly when I first had the van in 2011 on my epic courier trips.

Back then, I would do Devon to London, up through Yorkshire, on to Glasgow and Oban, then down to Merseyside followed by the Midlands and South Wales. Once I finished up in Cornwall after a week-long trip. That was when the van was younger and reliable...

To return to Scotland in the same vehicle years later will be an emotional moment. Eastern side of Scotland this time I think. European trips will follow if the van proves itself capable.

Best get on with fixing the steering rack first though.

#3 Re: General Discussion » Getting the jack out » 2020-04-14 20:55:52

Now I have no excuse to avoid the next job which is to try and get the spare wheel cradle working and looks like it's been lying at the bottom of the sea for many years. Kind of fortunate that I've never had a puncture in Brenda....explosions, clouds of steam, coolant all over the road, yep...all of them....but no puncture.

#4 Re: General Discussion » Getting the jack out » 2020-04-11 14:01:59

well, honestly
you could have knocked me down with a feather
who knew??


#5 General Discussion » Getting the jack out » 2020-04-11 08:41:12

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In nine years of ownership, I have never figured out how to get the jack out from under the driver's seat. Seems daft, but it's true.

Can anyone tell me how it's done please?

#6 Re: General Discussion » mileage not lighting up » 2020-03-15 19:10:37

Also well worth checking out as they have regular sales and a big range of mk1 spares.

#7 Re: Maintenance » Possible loose front subframe?????? » 2020-02-27 22:46:27

Regarding the weld, from what I remember, the old chap who did the solid flywheel conversion  (about 5 years ago) said at the time that he had a nightmare lowering the subframe after coming across the welded part. The job took two days, he only charged me £120 but told me he never wanted to see my van again neutral .

I can only assume that he reattached it using the right's been through four or five MOTs and not been picked up. This is one of the areas we'll check but never had any problems with it up till now.

#8 Re: Maintenance » Possible loose front subframe?????? » 2020-02-27 22:35:13

Thanks for the reply Vaz. Hoping to get some pit time with my mechanic friend next week. We'll carry out a thorough check of the subframe and hopefully the rack if we can get to it.

The van steers very well with no corrective input needed when in a straight line. Hoping a couple of new tyres will improve things further. I had the tracking done two weeks ago; thing is, it felt spot on at first but following a recurrence of the low-speed 'crack', a very tiny vibration and an extremely slight pull to the left became evident. Nothing that a reasonable person would necessarily notice, but I'm hypervigilant with Brenda and I would probably feel it (and start worrying) if I ran over a gnat.

This is virtually a new van now, with two and a half grand spent. I hadn't realised how well they go round corners on fresh shocks and springs...

But tis best to be off to the garage we go again

#9 Maintenance » Possible loose front subframe?????? » 2020-02-23 14:24:13

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Still getting the occasional loud 'crack' noise from Brenda's front end, when manoeuvring at low speed, especially when backing into a parking space. This is despite a full front end rebuild, complete new front legs, top shock mounts, track rod ends, drop links and a thorough check of the steering rack.

Tracking was also done last week. Was perfect at first, now I can feel there is something loose. No vibration through the steering wheel, but you can see a vibration in the dashboard.

Wondering if this could be a loose subframe ? The frame was removed a few years ago to enable a flywheel replacement. The mechanic who did the work is now retired and unavailable, but I know two things. Firstly, he reattached the subframe  with the original bolts. Second, he mentioned that the back end was welded on.

How easy is it to check the subframe bolts on the van?

#10 Re: General Discussion » Cylinder head » 2020-02-12 22:09:44

You don't have to drop the subframe. The engine is accessible by removing the front of the van i.e. grille, bumper, front panel, radiator, ancillaries. Think you have to disconnect driveshafts too. Then undo 3 engine mounts and exhaust/heater (with engine supported on trolley jack) and you should be able to tilt engine forward enough to do the head. Still a mission and a half, but no lifting of van involved. My whole engine was replaced without undoing the front subframe and it took just over a day. Good luck....

#11 Maintenance » Camshaft pulley noise » 2020-02-10 09:31:14

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Anyone had trouble with Camshaft sprocket on 2.0 DW10? Got a whine and a rattle from that area on mine. Is this a major pain to fix if it's on the way out?

#12 Re: General Discussion » Merry Christmas etc... » 2019-12-26 12:32:06

Merry Christmas Ricko. Here's to plenty of road trip fun in 2020. Our Dispatch mk1 got us to Cornwall this year with no problems except a creaky rear end. Big suspension rebuild due in January followed by full camper conversion after the MOT.

Next move will be finding an attachable tent and awning for extra space and room for a toilet cubicle. Happy days...hopefully

#13 Re: Maintenance » Throthy Coolant » 2019-12-24 19:11:37

Ahhhh shite


Get that gasket done. Plenty of garages will tell you it's not worth it due to having to drop the subframe/engine. But you don't have to do that. You can go in from the front and tilt the engine forwards.

Yes it will cost, but cheaper than buying a new van

#14 Re: General Discussion » Mk1 rear suspension- advice needed » 2019-12-22 01:43:02

OK that'll be getting rebuilt in the new year then. Hope the springs can hold out for another few weeks....think I'll go everywhere slowly. Can't take the van off the road yet.

#15 General Discussion » Mk1 rear suspension- advice needed » 2019-12-19 23:47:00

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I've parked Brenda up midway through her big rebuild - had a trip to me Mum's planned on Xmas eve, 100 miles away, but not now...

For a while now I've been hearing a low, rattly clunking from the rear end. No vibration or wobble, just a rumble with knocks. Sounds like my rear suspension might be developing arthritis- which at 190k isn't a surprise.

My question is, what generally goes wrong with the rear end on these vans at high mileage and what needs to be done? I already have new shocks and springs ready to fit, but could it be the case that the torsion bar set up might need work too? I haven't had the chance to get Brenda to the doctor's for an inspection yet....

Should add that when I open the back doors, stand on the rear deck and bounce the van up and down, there is a distinct creak coming from somewhere ?

#16 Re: Maintenance » Throthy Coolant » 2019-12-11 21:41:04

That's a relief. Or a partial relief anyway. I never did find out what was causing my water system to pressurise. Still got the old engine, 187k on it, it's on a pallet at work so I may examine it thoroughly in the new year. Will definitely get the head off. One thing I know for sure is that there was air getting into the water system, but no water getting into the oil system.

#18 Re: General Discussion » EW10 petrol engine conversion? » 2019-12-06 14:49:08

I'm worried that the government might ban diesels over a certain age! Sadiq Khan has already done it in London.

#19 General Discussion » EW10 petrol engine conversion? » 2019-12-06 00:08:11

Replies: 5

In the Wiki entry for the Jumpy, it states that the EW10 engine was fitted to some models.

This got me wondering if it might be possible to drop a 2.0 from a Pug 206GTi into Brenda at some point. Or even a 2.2 variant or similar.

Does anyone have any knowledge about this, or more generally, converting to a petrol engine? I know I have asked this question before but maybe someone out there knows something.

cheers x

#20 Re: Maintenance » Throthy Coolant » 2019-12-03 20:36:30

There is an interesting reply from Steve the Grease which may or may not be relevant....I hope your new engine is under warranty.

#21 Re: Maintenance » Throthy Coolant » 2019-12-03 20:34:07

Have a look at my thread on here from 7th January (coolant level rising and falling) see if anything there chimes with what you're experiencing

#22 Re: Maintenance » Throthy Coolant » 2019-12-03 14:59:19

Hmm. Sounds familiar. Check some of my 'Brenda' posts out from 2016-17....I had very similar issues. Could be the head gasket or a leak from the inlet manifold into the coolant system. These engines don't seem to be able to cope with overheating; my system suffered for two years with over-pressurisation. Keep an eye out for white deposits around your cap.

#23 Re: General Discussion » SCUDO OVERHEAT RADIATOR FAN NOT WORKING » 2019-11-30 03:16:04

Brenda's temp guage reads 90° before the thermostat opens, then drops down to 75-80°, on a heavy incline. Seems normal. Never heard the fan kick in. Had it tested too.

#24 Re: Maintenance » Mystery coolant smell... » 2019-11-26 19:29:48

There's a cowl under the dash with 2 screws, gonna start by removing that and putting my head up there....

For serious work on Brenda, I am lucky enough to have a mate who fixes lorries for Mercedes. He is happy to take my money on occasion and will hopefully be rebuilding my front suspension soon.

#25 Re: Maintenance » Mystery coolant smell... » 2019-11-26 08:54:19

Yikes! I had a feeling that could happen...think I might drive around with the heater switched off for a while. From what I can see though, a new matrix is dirt cheap. Another thing to add to the list. do you know if this can be done without removing the dash?

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